Reasons you'll love us

Advantages for Traders
  • Simple & easy to use

  • Limited risk

  • Staying power

  • More trading strategies

  • More risk management strategies

  • Preserves equity

  • Cross-asset margining

Best Type of Option for Introducing Broker 
  • Highest Payout

  • Standardized “exchange-style” option

  • Fixed quantity

  • Fixed strike prices

  • Fixed expirations

  • Tradable (opening & closing orders)

  • Long & short positions

Why Exchange-style Options?
  • Proven trading product in equities

  • Proven trading product in futures

  • History of success with retail traders

LFGA Trader API Suite is the API to access option liquidity
from the largest banks in the world.

LFGA Trader API Suite delivers “normalized” prices to satisfy standardized retail options demand. Prices are accessible as premium as a single price or array of prices across a range of strikes.

  • Multi-bank streaming option price feed

  • Order matching & smart routing engine

  • High speed & volume execution API

  • Choice of premium or volatility pricing

  • Choice of standard or custom strikes/expiries

  • Price tuning & spread management

  • Comprehensive management reporting

  • Dodd-Frank compliant option ECN/SEF

LFGA Trader API Suite “flexible” prices satisfies commercial and institutional demand as well. Prices are accessible as premium, volatility, as single vanilla option, or as a multi-leg combination.

Advantages for Dealers
  • More profitable than exchange-traded options

  • Differentiates dealers from competitors

  • Broad trader appeal & stickiness

  • Preserves trader equity

  • Same account spot & options trading

  • Cross asset margining

Benefits to Market Makers
  • Contribute to multi-bank option liquidity feed

  • Choose to route trade flow to internal risk book

  • Expand offering to other B/Ds thru API

Benefits to Market Takers
  • Single-screen streaming BBO price discovery

  • Trade compressed spreads

  • Choice to trade volatility and/or premium

  • Immediate automated execution, not RFQ

10 Reasons to Choose LFGA

The most popular online trading platform

1. Maximum Safety of Funds – Protection for your Client’s Money

Protect your client funds with the highest level of account safety in the FX industry. Don’t let the bankruptcy or failure of a Forex brokerage firm wipe out your entire business. Even though your clients may be retail in nature, they will enjoy institutional style protection that is rare in the FX world. This multi-level safety includes fully segregated accounts, as well as protection from broker fraud through the use of a third party administrator (an industry 1st). 

2. Competitive Payouts via a 2-tier Rebate Program

When it gets to the nitty gritty, cash matters. That’s why our company offers excellent commission payouts without reducing your clients’ profits. You will get compensated two levels deep. Our 2-tier rebate program allows you to get paid both on your direct referrals and the referrals of other agents (IBs, white label providers, etc.) under your network, which can cause your total revenue as an introducing broker to sky-rocket.

3. Award-winning Global Organization

Work with a brokerage firm awarded best in execution and best STP broker (Asia) for two years in a row (2012-2013). The firm serves currency traders in over 200 countries.  

4. ISO Certified Broker

Sign up with the only non-Swiss FX broker that has earned both the ISO 27001:2005 (Information Security) and ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management) certifications. These certifications indicate that the brokerage firm meets the highest international standards in terms of safety of services, reliability and good quality and ensure that customer expectations are being met.

5. Fully Audited Brokerage Firm

In today’s fragile world of finance, investors cannot be too careful when it comes to the safety of their money. The same applies to IBs, whose clients entrust with their funds. Even though most Forex brokers choose not to get audited because it is an expensive and painstaking process, an audit is crucial, since it protects customers from corrupt business dealings and scams. When you become an IB through IntroduceForex.com, you can rest assured that your clients will have the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a brokerage firm that undergoes annual audits for their protection.​

6. Tight Spreads and STP (Straight Through Processing)

STP technology cuts out the middle man of a retail FX firm and allows your clients to work directly with the liquidity providers who generate the quotes. An STP broker ensures that your customers are getting their orders filled without the requotes, dealer delays, price manipulation and other disadvantages characteristic of the dealing desk model.

Once STP is implemented, your customers will enjoy first rate executions as well as access to tighter spreads due to relationships with multiple liquidity providers. All of these benefits will make it easier for your company to profit by opening more accounts, as well as boost customer retention. 

7. Tools and Support to Build your Forex Business

The Business Builder suite is a by-product of decades of combined experience in areas such as brokerage, Forex, IB and white label support, advertising and online marketing – and is designed to help referral agents grow their business quickly. The tools that comprise this offering include effective sales copy that will help you close your leads, online marketing strategies and ideas, powerful training webinars and educational videos, copy for your own blog, ready-made banners, ideas for campaigns via email, Twitter, Facebook, as well other social media properties – and more.

8. Free Education for your Referrals

Most Forex brokerage firms don’t really care if the customer is successful or not. They only care about the number of transactions being executed. With statistics showing that 70% or more of traders lose money, there’s no arguing that the most common theme in this industry is that the house is the only sure winner. Nevertheless, traders are desperately looking for hand holding; for someone to show them the ropes. That is why we made our training and educational tools available to all the clients of our IBs. Once you become an introducing broker, your customers will have access to weekly live webinars (and recordings) that provide our outlook for the Forex market, as well as training videos and tutorials (for both novice and expert traders), daily and weekly market reports and analysis, free 60 days of 1-on-1 training from a live trading coach that will answer all their trading questions, and more.

9. Professional Trading Tools for your Clients

Currency traders need all the help they can get. That is why we provide an arsenal of sophisticated trading tools for your clients. These tools include an advanced, one-click trading console to use with the MT4 platform, a highly-accurate chart pattern recognition tool that helps you find winning set-ups easily, and more.

10. Industry Standard Platform (MT4)

MetaTrader 4 is the most popular platform in the retail FX trading industry and the one clients request the most. MT4 will allow your clients to enjoy a complete package that encompasses highly advanced charting, sophisticated order execution, compatibility with other great trading add-ons (such as MYFX console), comprehensive reporting, and more.

A platform that is exceptionally prevalent in the auto-trading or algorithmic area, MT4 allows systematic traders to back-test or run existing algos or auto-execution programs as well as cultivate their own.

As an IB, you’ll be offering your clients the platform most Forex traders demand. As a white label partner, providing your own branded version of MT4 is the smart and natural choice in an ultra-competitive landscape such as FX.

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The most popular trading platform in Asia.